Dennis Balk
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Full-Stack Developer,
Problem Solver, Hiker &
Cocktail Beer Drinker.

Hello! I’m Dennis Balk a self-taught Full-Stack Developer with over four years work experience. I started in my bedroom, got pro in 2012 at Winst.nl and started my own company Impact Studios in 2014. I’m based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands and always up for a chat.

Reach me at dennisbalk01@gmail.com

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Forces under Command

Realtime metrics for our multiplayer game Forces under Command. Tools used: NodeJS, PHP, MongoDB, InfluxDB, MySQL, C#.
Made at Impact Studios

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I like to collect links. I have collected a lot of interesting links to modules, projects, frameworks, assets and interesting news. This is a small selection of the most recent things I found interesting. This list is just for fun and primarily for myself. This is my way of micro blogging, sharing my interest with the world and keeping up with modern trends and innovations. Feel free to send me more!